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Our clients remind us every day that home ownership is one of life’s greatest and most rewarding milestones. Our homes are often a reflection of our personalities, our families and our dreams. Increasingly, our cherished homes have also become an important investment.

 We at Carmel Builders want to help protect and maximize the design and remodeling investments you make in your home. Therefore, along with our experienced team of professionals, I’ve created this page to share information, tips and best-practices that may address some typical (and perhaps not so typical) remodeling issues and questions, and help you make informed choices regarding your home design and remodeling projects. Enjoy!

Thomas Weiher CR/CKBR
Carmel Builders, Inc.

 P.S.   I will update this page often, so if you are thinking about a home design and remodeling project, bookmark and visit this site regularly, and contact Carmel Builders to help make your project a success! 


One of the biggest challenges with any interior remodeling project is how to control dust. The production of dust is unavoidable but how well it is contained has a big impact on not only the area being remodeled but the air quality in the entire house. To contain the dust generated within the remodel several important steps should be taken at the onset of the project.

Determine one location where debris will be placed. If a dumpster is used, try to locate it as close to the exit as possible. Careless debris disposal causes accidents and damage and is surprisingly common.

Establish the most direct and least intrusive path to the debris location and cover the floors with the appropriate type of drop cloth along the entire path.

Erect dust barrier partitions. These consist of frames mounted with clear plastic “walls” from floor to ceiling adjacent to the area being remodeled. Zippered doorways should be installed in these plastic barrier walls.

If the house has a forced air HVAC system, close off both supply and return registers in the remodeled space. It is also a good idea to shut off the house HVAC blower units during the work day if outside temperatures permit - remembering to turn them back on at the end of the work day.

Shop vacuum at the end of each work day and more often during the day as needed. A quick damp mopping of the floor at the end of the day insures a good clean up.  

Although it is virtually impossible to eliminate all dust during a remodel, it remains critically important to keep the area as clean and free of excess dust as possible. If a breach should occur in the dust wall or if dust inadvertently escapes the remodeled area; clean up immediately. Waiting until later could prove to be a costly mistake as dust quickly moves though the house and can cause much greater cleaning problems.

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